Onging Support & Maintenance

Keep your website upgraded, secure & relatively fast always.

Website Maintenance

Stay updated, stay secure

Ongoing Maintenance for your all website needs.

If you need help to maintain your solution, get our experts to do it for you. So, you’re sure your solution is always up to date.

In addition, we ensure that your website should remain 100% secure and should load faster too.

Security and maintenance are connected

In addition to functionality, maintenance of your solution is important for security. An updated solution is much safer than a solution that runs an outdated version, even if it is the same version. Therefore, we can only recommend that you get experts to maintain your website solution.

If you want optimal security, we have put together a package solution that combines our security package with the maintenance package.

The security package provides inter alia because hackers have the least chance of breaking into your solution and that your solution is as secure as possible.

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We had outsourced several works for a website a few months back with Stringhead. Best thing was, their flexy Hourly offer actually made it much easy for us to bless our business with an awesome website.

Yasar Chaudhary
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We are really busy with other important things, it’s good
To know that someone is taking care of our website always.


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Optimized Adwords

Campaigns to hit the spot-time after time

AdWords campaigns must be maintained and optimized continuously if they continue to provide value. Our experts have over 400 optimized AdWords campaigns in their legs and know what it takes to achieve success over and over again.

Get the most value with your optimized AdWords ads

AdWords advertising is dynamic, with bidding and effect constantly changing over a number of parameters, such as the word competition, user behavior, and your SEO.

Therefore, your AdWords campaigns should be continually optimized so that they continue to generate value for your business.

The service we offer you can handle by associating one of our AdWords experts with your company.

Optimizing experienced experts

We optimize your AdWords running according to your needs. Our experts review your existing campaigns, to find the most value-creating solution, the same with you.

Our experts have over 400 AdWords campaigns in their legs, while having a great insight into online business development, so they are exceptional in optimizing and improving enterprise digital solutions to generate real value, not just traffic or clicks.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your services have been unparalleled. I have never worked with such level of professionalism. Stringhead Guys, you are a true master of your craft. They are a delight to work with. They are polite and well mannered. Communication has been excellent and nothing is too much trouble.

Rick Bruce
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