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As a company you know well which message you want to give, but just as important is the question what your visitor wants to read. Stringhead is therefore also user-centric when it comes to content creation or blog writing. What does the visitor want from your website? What does it convert? With what content and in what way do you convince your customers? These kinds of questions are central when we draw up a blogging strategy for your company.

Determining what your target audience needs is obviously not a piece of cake. That is why we always start with a thorough analysis. For example, an information architect will perform an audience analysis; an online marketer will provide a keyword research. Such a KWR provides insight into the search terms used by your target group. So you can steer yourself how easy you are found: we write SEO-friendly texts that use the right keywords. This is how Google finds you and brings your message to the target group.

Together with the designers and developers we look at what is needed, we agree with online marketing to be ‘found’ on the web, only to give shape to your blog.

Stringhead sets the bar high when it comes to communication, deadlines, and quality. They’ve truly exceeded my expectations over and over. There’s a real sense of personal relations combined with a savvy business mindset that has earned my business and trust. I highly recommend their services!

Will Peter
Northlake Digital

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AdWords campaigns must be maintained and optimized continuously if they continue to provide value. Our experts have over 400 optimized AdWords campaigns in their legs and know what it takes to achieve success over and over again.

Get the most value with your optimized AdWords ads

AdWords advertising is dynamic, with bidding and effect constantly changing over a number of parameters, such as the word competition, user behavior, and your SEO.

Therefore, your AdWords campaigns should be continually optimized so that they continue to generate value for your business.

The service we offer you can handle by associating one of our AdWords experts with your company.

Optimizing experienced experts

We optimize your AdWords running according to your needs. Our experts review your existing campaigns, to find the most value-creating solution, the same with you.

Our experts have over 400 AdWords campaigns in their legs, while having a great insight into online business development, so they are exceptional in optimizing and improving enterprise digital solutions to generate real value, not just traffic or clicks.

Their marketing efforts have also sparked the interest of others and directly resulted in positive inbound inquiries from several major players in our highly competitive space. SEO through content is a long game and it’s often difficult to attribute credit to this channel. However, Stringhead Marketing has more than delivered for us.

Dr. Sinha
Atlanta Institute of Medical